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Granada Hotel


General information

25 guests · 10 bedrooms · 25 beds · 10 bathroom

What this place offers

General information

This hotel has 10 bedrooms, 5 with 3 beds and 5 with 2 beds.


10 bathrooms.


Wifi is available in the entire complex, but you may want to switch off your mobile for this holiday for your peace of mind.


The environment that surrounds the hotel facilities contributes to an atmosphere of peace and tranquility thanks to the gardens that can be found in the hotel's orange tree patio as well as such as the swimming pool, in which the visitor can swim and relax while contemplating the wonderful views of Sierra Nevada and the Vega de Granada, as well as the Sierra de Parapanda.


The wonderful orange tree patio of the hotel allows the visitor to relax around its pool.

Living room

Comfortable sofas and a fireplace with a double hood, as in the old farmhouses, preside over the hotel's lounge.

Kitchen with dining area

The kitchens are all well equipped.

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Where you'll sleep



per night

min. 4 nights booking

Bed and breakfast

  • Transport from and to Malaga airport

  • Accommodation (shared rooms) with made beds and towels

  • Breakfast and health drinks


per night

min. 4 nights booking

All inclusive

  • Transport from and to Malaga airport

  • Accommodation (shared rooms) with made beds and towels

  • Vegan meals and health drinks

  • Snacks

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